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The towing truck and workbench on two wheels. With a boosted range of up to 160 km / 100 miles, the Ösa range :work is built for convenient short-haul transportation with long-lasting battery life. Available accessories include trailers, baskets and more to carry heavy and bulky loads.range: 160km mixed city riding speed: +25 km/hweight: 70kg + 26kg Batterypower: 5 kW (6,7 hp)street legal: yesdrivers license: None (EU)


SPARA 3000 kr

Köp din Cake hos oss. Då vi erbjuder fri frakt så sparar du 3000 kr.  Om du anger koden ELECTROSURF på så gäller samma erbjudande.

Cake Ösa range :work

kr104 700,00Pris