Ösa+ AP is engineered to transport heavy and bulky loads, the two-wheeled agility, huge towing performance, cargo possibilities, and long product life. The battery of the bike doubles as a power bank, with outlets from the battery, enabling an off-the-grid supply to power and charge electric devices in the wild.

range: 84 km mixed city riding (WMTC-II)*speed: +90 km/hweight: 72 kg + 17 kg battery

power: 10 kW (13,5 hp)

street legal: Yes

drivers license: A1 (EU)


SPARA 3000 kr

Köp din Cake hos oss. Då vi erbjuder fri frakt så sparar du 3000 kr.  Om du anger koden ELECTROSURF på www.ridecake.com så gäller samma erbjudande.

Cake Ösa+ AP

kr105 000,00Pris